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Southeast Q4 Dedicated Doers


Southeast Q4 Dedicated Doers

We want to give a special shout-out to 2022's Q4 "Dedicated Doers"— professionals here in the Huttig® southeast region who are always committed to providing the best for our customers each and every day.

Alex Beckett Inside Sales Lead | Jackson | 6 years

Alex is extremely knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond to satisfy our customers. He is a great leader, very well-spoken, and communicates every detail, whether to his team members or customers. His infectiously positive attitude and willingness to help in any way he can are two of his most admirable qualities. Way to go, Alex!

Margaret Pappas Office Manager | Greenville } 14 years

Margaret joined the Huttig team in 2009. Her prior experience in management allowed her to progress quickly in her new role and become a great asset to the Greenville Branch. Margaret can keep the day-to-day shipping, invoicing, and transactional activities moving forward with a keen ability to prioritize resources and make quick decisions. She is always willing to step up and take on additional responsibilities, as well as serving as the point person to all our branch employees with HR/SOP questions or other work-related issues. Great job, Margaret!

Diane Cummings Purchasing | Cape Girardeau & Jackson | 25 years

Diane is a true professional and a great asset to the company. Diane has proven to be an example of excelling through change, as she manages both Cape Girardeau and Jackson purchasing. Diane works with multiple companies simultaneously, taking advantage of her vast industry knowledge of vendors, branches and products to ensure we are supplied and educated to service our customers. She always has a “let’s get to work” attitude, remaining positive no matter the challenge. Diane has done an excellent job keeping on-track with both locations’ purchasing, as well as being an integral part during major platform conversions. It's an honor to work beside her!

Will Rhodes Warehouse Associate | Wilkes-Barre | 9 years 

Will is a consistent performer within our Wilkes-Barre team. We can always depend on him, no matter what size the workload is or what the weather is throwing at him. Will has been with us since December 2014, and we thank him for his efforts and dedication for our customers.

Lourdes Michener Warehouse Associate | Lancaster | 8 months

Lourdes joined our team in May 2022. She quickly impressed her teammates with her initiative and desire to learn. In a few short months, Lourdes has become a well-respected and valuable member of the Lancaster Warehouse team. Thank you, Lourdes! Keep up the great work!

Johnny Howard Jr Driver | Rocky Mount | 26 years

Johnny has been with Huttig since 1997. He does an incredible job servicing his delivery routes with safety and accuracy. The best part about Johnny, and why we all wish we were more like him, is his positive influence on others and how much our customers love him. We receive customer compliments on Johnny every week, praising him on his positive demeanor, professionalism and his overall kindness. He simply brightens up everyone’s day that he meets. Thank you, Johnny! And congrats!

Greg Evans Outside Sales Representative | Jackson | 16 years

Greg is very passionate about his work and has the highest regard for servicing his customers. He is very knowledgeable, and his customer base relies on his wealth of knowledge to help them day in and day out. Greg’s geographic territory is very broad. He covers it with pride, to ensure all his customers get the attention they deserve. Thanks for all your hard work, Greg!

Danny Arroyo Production Lead | Central Florida | 17 years

Danny has been with Huttig for 17 years and transferred from our Newington location several years ago and hit the floor running! He moved into a lead role where he has excelled in everything given to him. Danny is a team player and helps the branch meet our daily customer commitments. Most recently, Florida has taken on more multi-family projects, which requires the branch to make changes in the interior shop flow to account for the increase in units built per day. Danny stepped up and took the lead, working with the team to make these changes. Thank you for what you do, Danny, to help Team Florida. Congratulations on being our Dedicated Doer award winner!


Please join us in congratulating the Southeast Region’s 2022 Q4 "Dedicated Doers." We are incredibly grateful for their continued hard work and dedication!

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