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Southeast Q2 Dedicated Doers


Southeast Q2 Dedicated Doers

We want to give a special shout-out to 2022's Q2 "Dedicated Doers"— professionals here in the Huttig® southeast region who are always committed to providing the best for our customers each and every day.

Jena Lynch Inside Sales Rep | Jackson | 6 years

Jena is a true team player who is willing to do what it takes for the company to be successful, keep our customers satisfied, and show her co-workers that she can be counted on to help in any way. Jena has gone above her job responsibilities to help the company, but also afforded a co-worker the opportunity to take time off. She successfully handled the production manager’s workload while he took vacation days and continued to complete her own job responsibilities at a high level. Awesome job, Jena!

Tanner Butler Outside Sales Rep | Greenville | 4 years

Tanner began his career with Huttig as an Inside Sales Representative after he graduated from the University of Iowa. He immediately dug in and was diligent in learning our business and developing relationships with his customers who used him as their Inside Contact for ordering from Huttig Building Products. Tanner, promoted to Outside Sales Representative in November 2020, took on a territory that had gone uncovered by an OSR for almost 6 months because of the pandemic. Once again, Tanner dug in and did the leg work required to build trust and relationships with all his customers in the territory. Tanner walked jobsites to verify large exterior door orders for new business we captured with a lumber yard partner. He also spent time at jobsites, or on customers’ receiving docks, to assist with complicated orders. Those are just a few of the examples of Tanner’s dedication to the Huttig family. Great work, Tanner!

Kelli Nicholson Office Manager | Jackson | 4 years

Kelli is an integral member to our branch’s overall success. She manages so many moving parts with her administrative duties as Office Manager, as well as going above and beyond her job requirements to make sure our entire employee base is taken care of and various needs are met. Kelli is a shining star in Jackson!

Nicole Dancy Warehouse Supervisor | Rocky Mount | 3 years

Nicole has been with our Huttig Rocky Mount team since April 2019. She started with us in basic warehouse duties at our large offsite warehouse operations, but she very quickly advanced to a lead position. She’s grown from there to supervise all aspects of operations, including shipping, receiving and inventory control. This location is key to Huttig, as it houses inventory for major company initiatives.

With Nicole’s leadership, this part of our business operates efficiently and with high standards, which is proven in Nicole’s inventory control measures and physical inventory results. Our entire team wishes to thank and congratulate her on this recognition. It is highly deserved. We would not be successful without her dedication and drive for success. Thank you, Nicole!

Rob Davis Product Manager — Moulding & Frames | Florida | 25 years

Rob took over the Product Manager for mouldings & frames position at the peak of COVID and has done a tremendous job growing the categories profitably and maintaining inventory levels to supply our standard production and prefinished production departments. Rob has a wealth of experience in the millwork industry and has been successful in previous sales roles in Florida with a primary focus on multi-family projects. Rob continues to be a key contributor for our success with the multi-family segment, as well as mouldings and frames. We are grateful to have such a fantastic teammate to help with our continued success in Florida. Great work, Rob!

Rob Cox Inventory Control Manager | Florida | 9 years

Rob has proven to be a key asset for Team Florida. Rob started out as an Inside Sales Representative in 2013 and last year he became our Inventory Control Manager. Rob has made improvements across all his responsibilities, from inventory accuracy to ensuring we get credits from all our valued vendors in a reasonable time frame. He is a ‘get it done’ type of guy who can be counted on to meet deadlines and be extremely accurate in all he does. Team Florida is proud to recognize Rob Cox as our Dedicated Doer of the Quarter. Keep up the good work, Rob!

Tim Davis Lead in Steel Specials Department | Jackson | 37+ years

Tim is vital to the overall success of our production team. He creates a positive energy everywhere he goes and helps our branch excel by maximizing our output with the group around him. Tim has done this for many years and has the dedication to do whatever it takes to get the job done and ultimately satisfy our customers. Thanks, Tim!

Terrence Sumter Driver | Fort Myers | 7 years

Terrence always does an awesome job! Every time we speak with a customer on his route, the first thing they tell us is what a great job he does. Terrence is always pleasant and listens to the customer about what he and Huttig can do to make us a better partner. When we were shorthanded in the warehouse, he stepped in and helped move prehungs when he returned from his runs. Thanks for the hard work, Terrence!

Please join us in congratulating 2022's Q2 "Dedicated Doers". We are incredibly grateful for their continued hard work and dedication!

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