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Huttig Will Become Woodgrain in April 2023


Huttig Will Become Woodgrain in April 2023

Since the acquisition of Huttig Building Products in May 2022, our combined teams have been hard at work building a stronger future. We are identifying the best of both companies, standardizing business processes, investing in facilities and equipment, and collaborating to deliver more value to you.

As the work to unite the two companies continues, we are excited to go to market as one. Effective April 3, 2023, the combined company will be known as Woodgrain, with legacy Huttig locations joining Woodgrain’s Distribution division.

While the name is changing, we honor the proud heritage of Huttig Building Products, dating back to 1885. We celebrate Huttig’s long history as a leading distributor of millwork and building materials. Additionally, we are pleased to add the tremendous experience and deep knowledge of our Huttig teammates across a variety of product categories to Woodgrain’s leading millwork operations.

You can expect our continued commitment to offering a broad assortment of the most trusted specialty building materials across our combined locations. We will also continue to enhance value-added services, including pre-hanging and pre-finishing, supported by Woodgrain’s manufacturing expertise.

As a family-owned company, Woodgrain is proud to operate with family values that make doing business with us easy. Our long-term vision includes a commitment to invest in facilities, technology, and our teammates. With end-to-end vertical integration and supply chain excellence, we also strive to mitigate your risk.

Together, our mission is to make building easy by adding value in everything we do and connecting you to the most trusted millwork and specialty building products available. We’re excited for what’s in store in 2023 and beyond and look forward to providing you an experience that makes it easy for you to choose Woodgrain.

Thank you,


Todd Dame
President, Woodgrain – Distribution Division


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the new company?

The combined company will operate under the name Woodgrain, with Huttig Building Products locations and teams being integrated with the Distribution division of Woodgrain.

Are you moving?

No. Woodgrain Corporate headquarters office is Fruitland, ID. Distribution headquarters offices will remain in both Lawrenceville, GA (Woodgrain) and St. Louis, MO (Huttig legacy).

Will my points of contact change?

No, please continue to work with your trusted contacts!

Will my point of contact's email address be changing?  If so, how can I reach them?

Most email addresses will change to in April; however, all emails sent to a email address will be redirected in the short-term.

Will my local distribution product offering change?

Our commitment to offering a broad assortment of the most trusted specialty building materials across our combined locations continues. Your local representative will communicate as additional products are available.

Any additional questions? Please reach out to your sales representative.


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