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A Message Regarding Covid-19

June 15, 2021

Business Update

The 2021 building season is well underway and has brought its own opportunities and challenges. For many in our industry, the 2020 everything-from-home building and R&R frenzy never ceased! The silver lining is that we have all become much more inventive, responsive, and resilient. And we’ve come to value our teammates, families, and friends more than ever.

As COVID-19 considerations evolve, Huttig continues to monitor developments and recommendations in each of the markets in which we operate and serve. Our primary concern remains focused on the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and all those that help us to be successful each day.

Each of our locations are operational; receiving, shipping, and delivering building materials. We are extremely fortunate to have a wide array of dedicated, experienced, and service-oriented personnel who strive to provide the very best service for our customers.

We have implemented rigorous safety protocols to protect employees at all Huttig locations. Huttig adheres to strict safety policies; full compliance is mandatory for anyone that comes in contact with any of our personnel and facilities.

At this time, all Huttig outside sales reps and national account managers will continue to work remotely, as will inside sales, product managers, and other non-operational staff. Starting in early September, we will phase in a gradual return to office schedule. Our outside sales reps and national account managers will also be returning to the field, likely much sooner than September. It has been a long time apart for all of us!

We encourage you to contact your local Huttig branch manager with any questions regarding Huttig’s COVID-19 response.

Your Huttig Team