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A Message Regarding Covid-19

August 3, 2020

Business Update

Hello from your friends at Huttig. We hope this update finds you well and your business thriving. Depending upon your customer base, you might be inundated with orders for new home construction, remodelers catching-up on paused projects, or DIYers creating their own backyard oasis. One of the bright spots in 2020 is that our industry has proven to be essential, and is predicted to help lead our country into a better future.

As we’ve shared previously, Huttig continues to monitor developments and recommendations in each of the markets in which we operate and serve. Our primary concern remains focused on the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and all those that help us to be successful each day.

Each of our locations are operational; receiving, shipping, and delivering building materials. We are extremely fortunate to have a wide array of dedicated, experienced, and service-oriented personnel who strive to provide the very best service for our customers. However, finding additional labor to meet strong, on-going market demand remains a challenge, as, despite unemployment numbers, there continues to be a shortage of qualified personnel. We are also experiencing supply chain disruption, due in part to the manufacturers’ labor and material shortages. These factors vary by market and in some cases may lead to longer lead times. We are focused on minimizing the impact on your business as much as possible to provide you with the exceptional service levels that you expect from Huttig.

We have implemented rigorous safety protocols to protect employees at all Huttig locations. Huttig adheres to strict safety policies in accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and local guidelines; full compliance is mandatory for anyone that comes in contact with any of our personnel and facilities.

Other Huttig team members, such as inside sales and other non-operation staff, are working remotely, but are just a text, e-mail or phone call away. We will keep you informed of any status change.

Within jurisdictions that have lifted their state and local stay-at-home mandates, Huttig outside sales reps now have limited discretion to meet with you for a scheduled in-person visit if an opportunity or other situation cannot be resolved remotely. Huttig personnel must follow Huttig personal safety requirements, as well as any in place by local guidelines, and by your place of business.

We encourage you to contact your local Huttig branch manager with any questions regarding Huttig’s COVID-19 response.

All of our lives and communities have been impacted by this pandemic. We share in the challenges, the sacrifices, and the losses that are touching so many. Our thoughts continue to be with each of you. We look forward to the day that we can come together for a smile, a handshake, or maybe even a hug.

Your Huttig Team