HB&G's First-in-Industry Confirmation Through ICC-ES®

HB&G is a leader in porch products, offering the most technologically advanced and highest quality synthetic porch columns and products on the market. ICC-ES® is the leader of technical evaluations of building products. And now, HB&G is the first in the industry to publish the product compliance confirmation through ICC for 2015, 2012, 2009 IBC and IRC.

With this proactive move, HB&G is leading the way in code compliance, and now your customers can rest assured that the columns (and other porch products offered by HB&G) will meet the building inspector's requirement on almost all residential projects. Together, Huttig and HB&G make it easy for you to provide your customers with the options they need—both for design and for code compliance.

ICC-ES is trusted by code officials across the country due to their compliance with section 1703 of the International Building Code, their decades of experience in product evaluations, the high quality of their evaluations and their use of the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about codes and standards.

HB&G's new report, ESR-1361 is available at www.icc-es.org or www.hbgcolumns.com.

Supplier Feature in Outdoor Living, Trends | October 01, 2016