Curb appeal is a hot term these days. The real estate market is booming, and prospective buyers often make decisions about houses in ten seconds or less. Anything homeowners can do to improve that first impression is extremely valuable. That’s where Huttig® and Therma-Tru® come in.

According to a recent national survey*, a new front door can increase a home’s perceived value by an average of $18,750. This is an incredible return on investment for those selling or flipping their homes. That makes Therma-Tru’s quality, stylish doors a quick and easy sell to your customers.

Therma-Tru doors come in countless styles, colors and finishes to match the personality of any house. Though they look like wood, they’re actually high-tech fiberglass, which requires minimal maintenance. Fiberglass doors are energy efficient and resist dents and scratches better than wood, making them ideal for active families. Therma-Tru is the future of the exterior door. It’s no wonder a new front door adds so much value.

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Download the Therma-Tru Curb Appeal Sell Sheet here

*From a nationwide survey of consumers’ estimates of perceived home value based on exterior appearance. Not based on actual home sales. Results may vary based on region and home style. Therma-Tru’s National Home Valuation Study was commissioned by Therma-Tru in 2015 and conducted by TNS, an independent provider of Internet-based research.

Product Spotlight in | October 01, 2018