Carrie Walley, CPG Building Products

Whether your showroom space is indoors or out, there are numerous ways to enhance brand awareness for outdoor or exterior products with eye-catching, effective showroom displays. The best way to grab attention is to create a total experience for the customer that lets them envision their own outdoor spaces. But when display and showroom space is at a premium, how do you maximize space, while highlighting the latest products? Here are some tips:

  • Create an environment to experience: For space-constrained indoor showrooms, create small but highly stylized vignettes, which show multiple products in a small space, dressed up with furniture and décor. It should look like a micro-version of a real deck rather than a dollhouse. It is also a great opportunity to cross-merchandise items like outdoor furniture, free-standing or built-in grills and outdoor kitchen appliances. Setting up an outdoor room can become the foundation for a variety of products and lend realism, as well as generate ideas and added purchases.
  • Multi-task your displays: With decking, railing and outdoor structures and materials, make the most of your display by combining items. Mini decks or arbors can multi-task by showing a number of decking color options on one display. Also, use partial sections of different rail styles to show more than one infill and various color combinations. Lighting can also be integrated into railings and decks to showcase your lighting options.
  • Make good use of graphics and stacked displays: It's likely that you can't show every style or color in an outdoor product line, so have a colorful graphic display next to the models that also show samples. Provide product info and installation tips. This will act as a "silent salesman". Graphics can also show real projects in their entirety and may include before and after photos to visually demonstrate the difference an upgraded outdoor living space can make.
  • Use color to grab attention: Visual impact is a huge component of retail merchandising. Customers entering a showroom will gravitate toward color and be influenced by the visual information they gather in seconds. Jazz up outdoor furniture with colorful pillows and cushions or deck-out items like, pergolas with wrapped-in-silk flower vines or feature flower boxes overflowing with colorful flowers.
  • Don't forget signage: Clearly marked products with logos are essential for brand awareness. They are also great for communicating the exact products and brands you have to offer. Be sure to use signage that makes an impact, without overshadowing the product.
  • Feature products with accent lighting: Like color and good signage, accent lighting draws the eye to the display. For brands that feature deck or landscape lighting, the actual products can play a starring role as part of the display. Accent and spotlights can also play up various parts of the showroom display. 
  • Take it outside: If you have space outdoors in front of your showroom, such as a section of the parking area or open area, consider developing an entire outdoor display area where you can show off materials that are not affected by the weather. The fact that they are outdoors is a great testimonial to begin with!
  • Put on showroom events: Throw a party on your deck for customers and show how durable and resilient the surfaces and rugged outdoor products really are—as well as inspiring them with design ideas.

With these eight tips you can create an experience for the showroom visitor that tells a story about the products and gets customers excited about designing with them. They will be inspired and hopefully motivated to make multiple purchases!