Therma-Tru® EnLiten Flush-Glazed designs from Huttig® create striking profiles that effortlessly combine indoor and outdoor spaces, inviting in more natural light than ever.



Maximum Views

During manufacturing, double- or triple-pane glass is built directly into the door. This design eliminates the need for a lite frame and screw plugs, achieving a seamless, consistent finish. EnLiten Flush-Glazed designs offer up to a 16% increase in visible glass area as compared to conventional lite frames, creating an airy, open feeling with larger daylight openings.

Durable Design

Double- or triple-pane glass is built directly into the door with a high-performance dual adhesive weather seal. This reduces the potential for air and water infiltration, among other benefits which include:

  • Superior Sound Dampening: Doors with Flush-Glazed glass do a better job of dampening outside noise compared to a Lip-lite alternative.
  • 11% More Energy-Efficient: The Low-E glass used in Flush-Glazed doors delivers a clear view and is 11% more energy efficient than 1/2" Low-E glass in a Lip-lite frame. *
  • Withstands Winds Up to 167mph: Door systems with Flush-Glazed glass are designed and tested to withstand wind forces up to 167 mph (DP-50).** (ASTM-E330)

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*Comparison of U-factor values of a Flush-Glazed full-lite door and a Lip-lite full-lite door, both with Low-E glass.

**Must be installed as part of a Therma-Tru door system in compliance with a Therma-Tru product approval. Impact-rated products not available.

Dealers Edge in Products | July 01, 2019