On the job site, finding dry, indoor storage space can often be a big challenge. Any given work space is full of tools, other supplies, and a whole team of people. That’s why so many contractors choose Knauf® EcoBatt® and EcoRoll® insulation from Huttig®. Thanks to their advanced composition, they can be compressed for shipping and storage— without affecting thermal performance. It simply expands when removed from the packaging.

That means your customers can stock more insulation in a smaller space. In fact, they can use their storage space to fit 50% more R-13 and 100% more R-19 pre-cut EcoBatt than conventional roll insulation.

Knauf invested five years of R&D into creating a clean, efficient, sustainable product with EcoBatt and EcoRoll. They contain no formaldehyde, acrylics or phenol. They are free of artificial color and petroleum-based chemicals. They’re even far less abrasive to skin than traditional fiberglass insulation, so it’s easy to handle on-site.

For more about Knauf’s groundbreaking insulation products, contact your Huttig® rep today!

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Dealers Edge in Products | January 01, 2019