By its nature, all insulation is environmentally friendly—at least once it’s installed. After all, the better your insulation, the less energy you’ll need to spend on heating and cooling, and that can reduce a building’s carbon footprint. Yet that’s where most insulation manufacturers stop. With EcoBatt®, Knauf® Insulation took a fresh look at sustainability. Could a product outperform conventional batt insulation while maintaining an excellent environmental profile throughout its life?

EcoBatt was born. Manufactured using ECOSE® technology, it eschews the harsh, non-renewable chemicals like phenol, formaldehyde and acrylics found in conventional insulation. Instead, Knauf opted for a rapidly-renewable, bio-based binder, a large volume of recycled bottle glass and sand, one of the most abundant resources in the world. So don’t worry if it looks a little funny; it’s supposed to be brown, because no artificial chemicals were used to dye it.

Even the process of manufacturing has low energy requirements. In fact, over the course of its life, EcoBatt saves hundreds of times more energy than it takes to produce.

EcoBatt also improves the jobsite environment. A low-dust product, EcoBatt is safe to work with and around without a mask. It was even awarded the most stringent indoor quality air certification in the industry, GREENGUARD Gold. It also meets the CHPS Low-Emitting Materials criteria section 01350.

Discover why the Knauf EcoBatt is the best batt insulation choice to meet and exceed modern sustainability requirements.

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Dealers Edge in Products | September 01, 2019