When you’re putting a new roof on a house, job #1 is getting rid of moisture. Water trapped under the underlayment can soak into the plywood and create mold problems later. For years, FT Synthetics has been pioneering the most advanced underlayment products on the market, setting new standards of breathability and saving thousands of roofs from mold and rot.

Conventional asphalt-based felts can absorb water from underneath for later evaporation, but tend to swell and buckle when they soak in moisture, which is problematic when you go to install the shingles themselves. So wet plywood has to completely dry before you can install the underlayment, and that takes time. With the current labor shortage, time is precious. Thankfully, FT Synthetics has another industry-shifting solution: HYDRY™.

HYDRY is a patent-pending moisture management technology that FT Synthetics has added to their HYDRA® line of underlayment products. Its advanced composition allows it to absorb water into the bottom layer of HYDRA faster than any other product can. As a result, HYDRY-equipped systems can remove trapped water 15 times faster than the competition’s synthetic underlayment and 10 times faster than most felts. It won’t swell or buckle, and it releases that water up, into the air, rather than down into the plywood.

HYDRY is another incredible advancement for HYDRA products, which already feature FT's exclusive GripSpot™ technology. This innovative texture provides excellent grip underfoot for roofers, which means crews can work faster, more confidently, and more safely.

FT Synthetics never stops innovating. Now your customers can take advantage of that innovation for a dryer, safer work site.

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Dealers Edge in Products | February 01, 2019