Built on years of experience, the Huttig-Grip™ fasteners packaged program is designed to work for you and for your customers. It’s easy to merchandise, and your customers will have no trouble finding the exact fasteners they’re looking for right away.

Not only do Huttig-Grip fasteners use a clear, simple, color-coded labeling system that’s uniform across the entire line; they also feature the largest package window on the market. Your customers can quickly find and verify their fasteners of choice without needing to open a bunch of boxes.

It all adds up to quicker sales, happier customers and a more organized fastener section. Even restocking is fast and easy, since Huttig-Grip fasteners are delivered with the Huttig shipments you already receive.

  • Largest window on the market for high product visibility
  • Labels make it easy to find the right fastener
  • Same-size master cartons simplify and organize your fastener section
  • Delivered on Huttig trucks you already rely upon

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Download the Huttig-Grip Packaged Fastener Feature & Benefit Brochure here.

Download the Huttig-Grip Full Line Fastener Catalog here.

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Dealers Edge in Products | October 01, 2019