Huttig-Grip™ All Purpose Wood-to-Wood screws are designed to provide superior penetration, grip and strength—all while reducing time and effort, head-pops and breaks, and splitting.

Our All-Purpose Wood-to-Wood screws feature;

  • 12-point star drive provides better engagement and more torque
  • Flat head with nibs creates fewer head pops and a smoother finish
  • Coarse, serrated thread cuts through wood effortlessly and requires less torque
  • Type 17-point drills its own hole and is easier to drive into hard woods
  • Heavy gauge wire for strength and durability

These attributes work together for faster, easier installation, fewer breaks, a smoother finish, and better holding power.

Huttig-Grip All Purpose Wood-to-Wood screws are available in packaged, buckets, and bulk, with suggested 2 ft. and 4 ft. sets that can be quickly and easily customized to grow your fastener business.

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Download the Huttig-Grip Full Line Fastener Catalog here.

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Dealers Edge in Products | February 01, 2020