Introducing the next generation of roofing underlayments: PLATINUM from FT Synthetics® and Huttig®. PLATINUM is lightweight for easy carrying, and each roll has 5 times more coverage than the average roll of conventional underlayment, which means fewer trips up and down the ladder. Then, when it’s ready to roll out, it lays flat and straight over longer distances, avoiding the dangers of tripping wrinkles. Plus, FT Synthetics exclusive GRIPSPOT technology provides superior traction underfoot for roofers—on the steepest grades and in any weather.

PLATINUM includes:

  • GRIPSPOT technology for superior slip resistance
  • 20mm thickness
  • 180 day UV resistance
  • LIFETIME limited warranty
  • Water resistant, 100% recyclable polyolefin construction
  • Wrinkle free and low temperature flexibility for ease of installation

In addition to this product, FT Synthetics offers a full line of roofing underlayment.

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Dealers Edge in Products | August 01, 2019