Roofing underlayment technology has grown in leaps and bounds since the old days of simple felt. Advanced polymers from FT Synthetics® now fight mold and mildew better than conventional felt. Discover the advantages that FT Synthetics underlayments from Huttig® offers your customers:

Quicker Installations

Time is money—making it crucial for roofers to decrease the amount of time on the job. Not to mention, today’s labor shortage also calls for innovative solutions that will help roofers work faster, while still maintaining high safety standards. That’s why FT Synthetics offers unparalleled safety with the GRIPSPOT™ sure footing technology.

Sure Footing

To improve traction underfoot, as well as the overall working pace for roofers, GRIPSOT has a patented texture technology that’s available on many FT Synthetics underlayments. Taking a major step forward, FT has drastically cut down on slip instances at the jobsite with GRIPSOT.

Weather-Proof Material

GRIPSPOT works in any weather, including frost. The deep-water channels between the raised texture “spots” are the key—keeping traction high and funneling water away. Specialized fibers are designed to be loose enough to grab boot soles in wet, dry or frosty conditions. GRIPSPOT even works on fine dust.

Lighter Load

FT Synthetics underlayments with GRIPSPOT are soft and pliable—designed to lay flat and flush, without the wrinkles, ripples or curves that can so easily cause dangerous incidents. All grip, no trip.

GRIPSPOT-equipped underlayments are lightweight and easy to carry up a ladder—cutting labor times even further, while reducing risk of injury.


GRIPSPOT is available on these advanced FT Synthetics underlayments from Huttig:

  • Cobalt Ultra
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum HT-SA
  • Hydra

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Dealers Edge in Products, Technology | November 01, 2019