Everyone wants a unique house. From roofline designs to landscaping, everyone’s dream home stands out and makes a statement. That’s why AZEK® now offers their vintage colors for porches as well as decks.

Weathered Teak, Coastline, Mahogany, and Dark Hickory now join the AZEK porch color lineup, giving your customers more options than ever, offering that classic, unique look that every homeowner wants from a porch.

If you’re building a wood porch, exterior color can be unstable and hard to keep. It fades. It needs to be laboriously refinished every few years. Let it go a little longer and the wood itself will rot. But AZEK’s high performance polymer porch boards hold their factory color for decades, in any weather. AZEK even warranties them for 30 years against fading or staining. And the tongue-and-groove design delivers a smooth, fastener-free surface. 

On-trend color options, weatherproof durability, no hassle. That’s what they want. Now you can offer it with AZEK and Huttig® 

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Download the New Vintage Porch Colors Sell Sheet here

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Dealer Digest in Products | September 01, 2018