The Smart Choice—Whether for Light Commercial or Multifamily Developments

Fortifiber WeatherSmart Commercial from Huttig®

Whether the project is light commercial or a multifamily development, customers want a building wrap that can stand up to all the requirements—even in the damp Pacific Northwest. Fortifiber WeatherSmart Commercial from Huttig® represents the next generation in weather barrier technology. This smart solution for architects, specifiers and builders delivers an ideal balance between breathability and water protection, so it can be used in any climate and behind most exterior claddings.

  • Exceeds water resistance standards
  • Meets building science recommendations for breathability
  • Outstanding UV and surfactant resistance
  • Resists tears and abrasions
  • Withstands the rigors of the jobsite
  • Exceeds strict air infiltration standards

The WeatherSmart Commercial design has its roots in advanced building science. The product is a nonwoven, non-perforated wrap, employing an advanced breathable polymer technology. Its design provides a highly reliable air infiltration barrier that is incredibly durable and UV stable for up to 12 months of jobsite exposure. So it’s right at home in the most rugged conditions.

There are a number of installers using WeatherSmart Commercial for large-scale projects every year.  For them, the commercial grade product provides three lines of defense.  First, it can withstand a long exposure time and still perform perfectly once it’s behind the cladding.  Second, the product’s water hold-out is unsurpassed.  Last, the Fortifiber warranty covers them for 15 years when they use the complete system.  Right now, there are several projects coming out of the ground that will be using it.

Unlike other weather barriers, WeatherSmart Commercial is highly resistant to surfactants that can severely reduce water resistance. (Surfactants are chemicals that make it easier for water to pass through minute pores in the fabric.) Exposure to these chemicals on the jobsite and once construction is complete can compromise the performance of most building wraps.  Surfactants are quite common; they can be found in things like power washing solutions, wood tannins that leach from siding and even in some cementitious siding products. Building owners can count on WeatherSmart Commercial to continue providing protection whether or not these chemicals are present—even after the cladding is installed.

Make a smart choice—contact your Huttig rep about FortiFiber WeatherSmart Commercial.

Fortifiber WeatherSmart Commerical Brochure

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