Stay on Top of the Latest Trends and Styles in Doors

Masonite® Interior and Exterior Design Elements from Huttig®

Whether inside or out, doors are an important style feature of any home, and customers want to work with someone who knows the latest industry offerings and trends. Masonite® Interior and Exterior Design Elements from Huttig®, keep you up to date on what’s hot as well as what’s next. Read on to learn more about some of the top industry trends in doors:

  • Industrial: The unfinished look has never been easier by combining raw structures with the warmth of natural elements, and choosing colors that complement them both.
  • Modern Farmhouse: Rustic touches like repurposed accents, farmhouse sinks and antique decor create a lived-in feel while contemporary design elements create a modern twist on this nostalgic style.
  • Transitional: Meet your new classic style in American homes—eclectic with mass appeal in this modern meets traditional look that’s defined by comfortable style, soft colors and classic lines.
  • Craftsman: Embrace the distinct look of Craftsman style and rich history of American workmanship with vintage details, warm tones and handcrafted accents, all which combine to create a welcoming home.
  • Classic: The flipside to the popular rustic, unfinished and casual styles, classic design is unmistakably refined with elegantly rich details, natural colors and symmetrical touches.
  • Modern: The minimalist’s choice, this design approach is well-suited to open floor plans without any clutter and characterized by strong lines, bold colors, geometric shapes and sleek finishes.
  • Urban Eclectic: For those well-traveled and ruled by wanderlust, this style takes its inspiration from around the globe with bold textures, cultural influences and rich colors to create a look filled with visual interest.

To learn more, contact your Huttig sales rep about Masonite design trends and doors.

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