Solid Separation

Masonite® Safe ‘N Sound® Solid Core Doors from Huttig®

With Masonite Safe ‘N Sound Solid Core Doors from Huttig, your customers can easily separate chaos from calm—whether it’s a noisy washing machine, boisterous kids playing or loud power tools in the garage. Along with a solid separation to shut out up to 25% more noise than hollow core doors, solid core doors also have a heavier weight, which not only gives customers the feel of quality, but also provides a more substantial feel like that of real wood. Quality goes beyond the feel of the door and its entire construction, as they’re also eco-friendly, better able to withstand the dents and dings of everyday life and come with a 5-year Warranty. The best part is that an upsell isn’t tough with this product. With all of their features and benefits, Safe ‘N Sound doors are still an incredibly cost-effective option with only a minimal price increase over their hollow core counterparts. The perfect solution to privacy, solitude and quality for any interior space.

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Masonite Safe 'N Sound Solid Core Doors Sell Sheet

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Dealer Digest in Products, Safety | October 10, 2017