Raising the Bar On Barn Doors

Woodgrain Doors Barn Door Collection from Huttig® Featuring New Shaker Styles

Barn doors are one of the most in-demand styles for today’s customers and Huttig® makes it easier for you to sell more of this trend with the Woodgrain Doors Barn Door Collection. And with new Shaker Styles now available, you can offer your customers a versatile option for modern, contemporary and rustic applications.v

  • Customers can pair any Woodgrain door slab with Woodgrain barn hardware to convert it into a barn door that reflects their own personal style
  • Customers can customize any space and make it more functional and unique with the Woodgrain Barn Door collection
  • Customers can choose from styles ranging from rustic to classic to modern

The Woodgrain Barn Door Collection offers superior craftsmanship, performance and innovation, and each door features either a 3/4" panel design to highlight the definition and elegance of the v-groove or the NEW 3/8" flat panel shaker design.

The mulls in each layout are full thickness and engineered to meet flush with the stiles and rails to provide a unique combination of beauty, strength and durability—all while creating a distinguishing accent piece for practically any home.

Some trends slide by quickly forgotten, but true quality stays. Woodgrain Barn Doors from Huttig bring back a classic from the past: barn door styles that design-focused customers will love today, but built with authentic stile and rail construction that will last for years to come. With Woodgrain, you can offer your customers more than just a passing trend—you can offer them time-proven beauty with craftsmanship to match.

Contact your Huttig rep to raise the bar and shake things up with on-trend Woodgrain Barn Doors!

Woodgrain Barn Doors Collection Sell Sheet.

Dealer Digest in Products, Trends | April 11, 2017