As demand for larger windows and doors continues to grow, Windsor is responding by expanding our Pinnacle clad French sliding patio doors sizes.

With the exploding trend in architecture to utilize more glass, there is increased interest in wider and taller patio door systems.

Windsor recently announced additional 9-0 and 10-0 heights in 4-0 and 8-0 widths as well as quad sliders in 10-0, 12-0 and 16-0 widths.  These more expansive sizes address the growing interest in larger openings to maximize views, living spaces and to bring the outdoors in.  These ten additional sizes include:

  • 10-0 x 9-0 Quad
  • 10-0 x 10-0 Quad
  • 12-0 x 9-0 Quad
  • 12-0 x 10-0 Quad
  • 4-0 x 9-0 Stat
  • 4-0 x 10-0 Stat
  • 8-0 x 9-0 Two Panel
  • 8-0 x 10-0 Two Panel
  • 16-0 x 9-0 Quad
  • 16-0 x 10-0 Quad

We are excited about the introduction of these additional sizes and continue to work on other patio door enhancements to be announced in the coming months.

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Download the New Patio Door Brochure here!  

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Dealer Digest in Products | November 01, 2018