Pine for Something More

The Quality Craftsmanship & Superior Performance of the Woodgrain Pine Door Collection from Huttig®

Just as your customers have high expectations of you, you have high expectations for your products to meet your customers’ needs. With Woodgrain’s Pine Door Collection from Huttig®, you can feel confident knowing you’re offering a product that not only features a rustic, natural pine appearance, but also is made with the craftsmanship and performance of a Woodgrain door.

Woodgrain Doors produces beautiful pine door options in:

Ponderosa: Ponderosa Pine is one of America’s most abundant tree species. It has straight, uniform grain with minimal amounts of reddish-brown heartwood. The sapwood has wide growth bands, which are honey-toned or straw-colored.

Radiata: Radiata Pine is a plantation-grown wood from Chile, New Zealand and Australia. It has a distinctive grain pattern with a pale cream color. Radiata tends to be harder than other pine species and has fewer knots.

Knotty Pine: Knotty Pine is abundant in America. The wood has a rich display of knots that reflects the randomness and beauty of nature. The wood tends to be a honey-toned or straw color while the knots are generally reddish-brown.

Stop pining and take action—contact your Huttig rep today to get more information about Woodgrain’s Pine Door Collection!

Woodgrain Pine Door Collection Sellsheet

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