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New Simpson Strong-Tie Moment-Resisting Post Base from Huttig® Offers Greater Design Possibilities

The Simpson Strong-Tie Moment-Resisting Post Base (MPBZ) from Huttig® is the first off-the-shelf product of its kind, specifically designed to provide moment resistance for wood columns and posts. With its innovative sleeve design, the patent-pending MPBZ encapsulates the post and keeps it from rotating around its base when lateral loads are applied at the top. This provides both the specifier and the contractor with greater design options and the opportunity to create structures with openings that allow more unobstructed views.

The MPBZ is ideal for freestanding outdoor structures such as carports, fences, pergolas, decks, trash enclosures and screen walls. The moment-resisting post base can greatly reduce—and sometimes eliminate—the need for additional bracing in outdoor structures.

This innovative off-the-shelf solution has been engineered and tested to save specifiers and contractors the time and expense involved in designing, calculating and ordering custom-fabricated parts. Load values are provided in the design tables for moment, uplift, download and lateral conditions for 4' x 4' and 6' x 6' posts.

Key Features:

  • Tabs within the MPBZ provide the code-required 1" post standoff to help prevent rot from standing water and ground moisture
  • Stamped indicators and internal tabs identify the required concrete embedment depth
  • Strategically placed holes simplify installation with template attachment and facilitate post-installation inspection
  • Additional/optional holes are included for attaching trim material
  • One-piece design simplifies installation
  • ZMAX® coating is ideal for most exterior and preservative-treated lumber applications
  • Material: 12 gauge
  • Finish: ZMAX coating

To learn more about the MPBZ from Simpson Strong-Tie, contact your Huttig rep!

View the Simpson Strong-Tie MPBZ PDF.

Dealer Digest in Outdoor Living, Products | February 16, 2017