Inspiration Re-Imagined

The Next Evolution of Windsor Windows from Huttig® 

Expansive single family homes, modest starter homes, multifamily housing, and light commercial construction are all leaning toward larger windows and doors with more glass and less trim. The selection of Windsor Windows products from Huttig® has now evolved to meet your customers’ demands better than ever before, providing the sleek, minimalist look that architects, builders, homeowners and pros are all looking for.

The industry is evolving, and so are your customer’s demands. As the current trend towards contemporary architectural elements grows—across every area of the country and in every price point in the housing market—it’s important to stay current and inspire the imaginations of your customers with new possibilities.

To promote these new products to architects, builders, pros and homeowners alike, Windsor Windows has created the Pinnacle Contemporary Idea Book. This brochure is very different than previous other pieces of literature in that it is intended to be less technical and more inspirational. From the tactile cover with copper metallic rivets to the photographic images demonstrating creative angles and interesting shadows, this brochure is designed to appeal to the creative minds of the architect.

Contact your Huttig rep about the looks your customers can achieve with these new contemporary products and ask about these new selling tools that help you push more Windsor Windows for customers looking to incorporate more contemporary architectural design into their projects.

Re-imagine what you can offer your customers—contact your Huttig rep about new contemporary products and sales tools from Windsor Windows & Doors!