To your customers, time is money. Give them the convenience of a one-stop shop when you offer Huttig-Grip®’s versatile new line of professional grade construction adhesives. They show up on the same truck as your other great products from Huttig®, so you can have them ready when your customer needs them.

Huttig-Grip drywall adhesive is available in solvent-based and solvent-free varieties to meet your customer’s exact job. The solvent-based option is a non-sag formula that reduces nail pops, while the solvent-free option offers a strong bond to wood or metal studs and fills gaps and irregularities.

Huttig-Grip subfloor adhesive is available in solvent-free VOC-compliant, solvent-based and solvent-based VOC-compliant varieties. Huttig-Grip solvent-based subfloor adhesives even bond to wet and frozen lumber, extruding in temperatures from 0°-100.°

Whatever their needs, whatever their job conditions, your customers will love the one-stop convenience of Huttig-Grip adhesives.

Contact your Huttig® rep and give your customers the convenience and strength of Huttig-Grip®.

Download the Huttig-Grip Adhesives Sell Sheet here!

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Dealer Digest in Products | September 01, 2018