Knauf Insulation’s EcoBatt® and EcoRoll® products seek to not only eliminate harmful chemicals from building products, but they also make the insulation process easier for your pros. With convenient packaging that uses high compression to tightly pack the insulation into smaller parcels, these products take up less space during transportation and are easier to store and handle. Despite the high compression packaging, EcoBatt and EcoRoll both have high resiliency—capable of recovering quickly to full thickness.

The green approach that Knauf Insulation uses yields a number of benefits to their products, including the reduction of water and toxins, and the elimination of dye in order to make them more user-friendly. With these enhancements, EcoBatt and EcoRoll have less dust and are less abrasive on bare hands. Knauf’s green technology allows for exceptional handling overall, and will serve as a source of ease for building pros.

Knauf Insulation’s Products Offer:

  • Less irritation
  • Greener solutions
  • Requires minimal storage space
  • User-friendly material
  • High resilience with quick recovery
  • Ease of use while on the job

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Click here to download the EcoBatt Thermal/Acoustical Insulation Catalog. 

Click here to download the EcoRoll Thermal/Acoustical Insulation Catalog. 

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