Knauf Insulation believes in eliminating and reducing negative impacts associated with building materials, in the best interest of public welfare and the environment. That’s why Knauf Insulation offers innovative, green products like EcoBatt® and EcoRoll® that elevate sustainability and conservation in the insulation industry.

EcoBatt glass mineral wool insulation with ECOSE® Technology takes the standard to a whole new level with its revolutionary sustainable binder. ECOSE Technology doesn’t contain any phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors—creating a cleaner and more sustainable product.

In combination with EcoBatt insulation, ECOSE Technology utilizes sand, which is one of the world’s most abundant resources—and a high degree of recycled bottle glass. With products that are interior-friendly, Knauf Insulation seeks to lessen the amount of chemical exposure from a building’s construction.

Similar to EcoBatt, EcoRoll also utilizes mineral wool insulation combined with sand and ECOSE Technology to deliver your customers with a product that is based on rapidly renewable, bio-based material. With both EcoBatt and EcoRoll, you’ll not only be able to reduce the number of harsh chemicals in your projects, but you will also be able to deliver with Knauf’s exceptional quality, handling and durability.

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Click here to download the EcoBatt Thermal/Acoustical Insulation Catalog. 

Click here to download the EcoRoll Thermal/Acoustical Insulation Catalog. 

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