BenBilt’s NEX-GEN Continuous Frame System from Huttig® is a revolution in door framing. It’s perfect for a larger-than-standard rough opening, since it can expand up to 3" per sidelite to meet many R.O. requirements. Fixed, recessed mull posts halt expansion, but the NEX-GEN jamb can be expanded via filler posts. The result is a beautiful, uniform look that’s always a perfect fit.

Accommodated by a continuous sill, these wider jambs give NEX-GEN the added benefit of increased stability and strength, protecting against water and air incursion. NEX-GEN Frames are storm door-ready without modification, and offer jamb depths up to 8-1/8".

Species include:

  • Dura-Frame Pine
  • Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Fir

Contact your BenBilt rep today to learn more about the NEX-GEN, a revolution frame versatility.

Downlaod the NEX-GEN sell sheet here

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