Beautiful from the Inside Out

Masonite® Wood Doors Torrefied Series Doors from Huttig®

Today’s customers are looking for whole-home solutions to their design challenges. That means from the inside to the out, they want styles that carry through their home while meeting their expectations for both quality and their own unique design aesthetic. Look to the Masonite® Wood Doors Torrefied Series from Huttig® to meet those expectations and then some.

Made from an all-natural, “green process” that treats wood at a relatively high temperature over a period of time, the Torrefied Collection offers enhanced durability and stunning wood aesthetics customers love. Plus, the Torrefied Series includes stunning interior options that stands up to the pressure of high traffic areas.

Designed to Perform, No Matter the Design

  • The Torrefied Series is available in each 10,000+ design options—and our 4/0 maximum widths and 8/0 heights are fully guaranteed.

Durability for Every Door

  • Every Torrefied Series door carries a 20-year guarantee against warping, twisting, rotting or delamination.

Installation, Without the Usual Hang-ups

  • One of the few doors of this level of quality that can be installed without the usual overhang requirements.

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