A Little Space. 

A Lot of Sales.

The RDI® Tower Display from Huttig®

One of the best ways you can increase your sales power is with visual aids that communicate key product facts. Available from Huttig®, the RDI® Display Tower makes it easy for you to offer your customers the information they need—and easier for you to close the sale.

With contemporary styling that invites traffic and maximizes sales opportunities, the RDI Tower Display from Huttig® is an easy way to showcase your portfolio of RDI products without sacrificing retail footprint.

  • 12 spots for RDI POP displays or tower display graphic panels
  • Tower display graphic panels featuring product-specific glamour photos, as well as feature and benefit information panels
  • 3' wide by 3' deep and 7'7" tall, taking up only 9 square feet of valuable retail space; rotates 360 degrees around the base
  • Unit comes with metal hardware display as well as 14 brand new product feature graphic panels
  • Includes four RDI brand display toppers to mount on top of the tower, space permitting
  • Lazy-Susan style base allows tower display to rotate 360 degrees

There is a limited supply of displays available for placement this season. Make sure to contact your Huttig rep today to learn more about this sales-boosting tool!

View Tower Display Sell Sheet.