With 800 square feet of door visibility in an average home, Masonite® makes it possible for you to create a better door experience for your customers with impactful visuals and better functionality. Not only can a door’s style drastically improve the quality of a home, but its durability can make all the difference.

Masonite Safe ‘N Sound® Solid Core Doors are the perfect option for raising the standard in your customers’ homes. With their ability to add value to a home through substantial heft and feel that looks like real wood without the hassle of expansion, these solid core doors are worth the upgrade from hollow core doors.

“Solid core doors are going to pay for themselves within the first year or two,” Bill Peck, architect, said.

Masonite’s solid core doors offer the latest in door design while also having significant sound-blocking technology—bringing a sense of peace with harmonious aesthetics paired with subdued acoustics.

“Even if people don’t realize it, it’s kind of a subconscious comfort…The solid core doors are worth it,” Chris Miles, custom homebuilder, said.

When it comes to elevating your customers’ home interiors and overall door experience, Masonite is dedicated to providing you with offerings that meet your customers’ needs.

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Dealer Digest in Products | April 30, 2018