With more than 800 square feet of door visibility within an average home, Masonite® Heritage Doors help you make a visual impact for your customers’ interiors. Combining traditional craftsman style with clean lines that blend seamlessly to virtually any style, the Heritage Series offers something for everyone.

Offered in Safe ‘N Sound®, Masonite Heritage Solid Core Doors provide an elevated quality for your customers’ homes. Capable of withstanding normal dents, reducing sound travel and creating long-lasting beauty, Solid Core Heritage Doors offer your customers a new standard for their door experience.

The Heritage Series are available in 1-, 2- and 3-panel options for even more style possibilities. The recessed panel with the classic style of the wood shaker door enhances the interiors of space and provides more depth with panel insets that create the appearance of trim and provide a shadow line.

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Download the Masonite Heritage Series Doors sell sheet! 

Download the Masonite Safe N’ Sound Heritage Doors sell sheet! 

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