Bernie Ferrari, Sr. Director Product Management & Marketing Huttig Building Products

Why We Love Building

A Deeper Dive into What Makes Our Industry So Special

In 2015, Huttig made a bold proclamation: We Love Building.

It started off simple—as a celebration of our 130th anniversary. But we quickly realized that 130 years of surviving the highs and lows of such an important industry deserved something bigger. We wanted to celebrate more than just our own story; we wanted to celebrate the story of everyone in the building industry who has survived the same ups and downs—from builders to manufacturers, from executives to delivery drivers and everyone in between.

In 2015, Huttig made a bold proclamation: We Love Building. In 2016, we were fortunate enough to join forces with a like-minded distributor and a market leader that loves what they do, in BenBilt Building Systems. We are excited about the opportunity and look forward to working with Jim, J.J. and the entire BenBilt team.

No matter the job, there’s a special kind of camaraderie among people in the building industry. Once you’re in it, you tend to stay in it—and that doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through grit, determination, and hard work. What started as a campaign soon took on a life of its own, turning into a celebration of everything that makes the building industry such an exciting field to grow in, both professionally and personally.

But we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just talk. Sure, we created ads, videos, and even a website dedicated to this celebration of the industry. But as part of our We Love Building campaign in 2015, we also reached out to our friends both within Huttig and throughout the industry to hear their stories and find out why they loved building. Here are a few of the quotes that stood out:

  • “I love helping my customers achieve their dreams. Whether it be building their dream house, remodeling to have their dream kitchen, or just giving them the deck of their dreams, that is why I do what I do. I do this for them, that is what makes me come back day after day.” — Julie West, Curtis Lumber
  • “I love supplying the channel. I love our customers. I love the passion they have for the work.” — Julie Vedder, Huttig Phoenix
  • “I feel honored that...homeowners put their trust in me to help them with what is often the single largest purchase of their life—building a home. I have tried to convey to new salespeople to respect the fact that they have been entrusted to guide homeowners through the process and also [to recognize] the impact you have on their journey through it.” — Dick Willard, EBS Building Supplies
  • “I love building because we are helping people achieve the American Dream.” — Scott McCarl, Huttig Greenville
  • “I love building because we are creating something for families.” — Jim Christopherson, Therma-Tru®
  • “There is no greater pleasure than helping someone complete their project, regardless of how complex it was. There is amazing satisfaction and pride in knowing you did your best to help make someone's dream come true.” — Greg Armstrong, ProBuild
  • “I love building because at its foundation, it’s about the people.” — Paul Colliton, Huttig
  • “I love building because I really love the people. Our customers are great. I love the people I work with.” — Steve McEvoy, Huttig Lancaster
  • “Not to sound clichéd, but I think it’s really all about the people.” — Steve Esham, Huttig Florida

While we learned that everyone has their own reason for staying in, a single theme quickly began to form. The more we talked to people, the more we realized that the most common answer is that those in the building industry stay because of the people—Because of You.

And that’s how this campaign has evolved. This year, we are transitioning our message to reflect what we’ve learned—that everything that makes this industry great is Because of You. As a result, we are striving to offer our customers even better customer service, deeper knowledge and insights, and more cutting-edge products. It’s all about how we can make things Easy for You.

We Love Building is your story, too—and we want to hear it. Visit to tell us your story and learn more about the campaign.

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