Why Marketing Matters

The Statistics You Need: Watch the Video from ER Marketing!

Looking at the past ten years, it may not seem like a lot has changed. But as much as the building industry is constantly evolving, so are the marketing and technology trends that you’re expected to keep up with.

Your customers are becoming more and more accustomed to the technology that runs their lives, and their expectations as buyers are changing accordingly. In the short video below, our marketing partner ER Marketing has compiled the statistics, figures and data you need to understand the dynamic role marketing can play in your business as a dealer.

Here are a few standout statistics we’ve curated from the video, particularly relevant to dealers:

  • 91% of mobile users say that content is very important to their purchasing decisions
  • Companies that publish 16+ posts per month get 4x more leads
  • Of the 1.8 billion Facebook users, 73% will use it for business purposes
  • 4x as many people would prefer to watch a product video than read about it
  • Shoppers who watch a product video are twice as likely to make a purchase
  • Email marketing offers twice the ROI of other methods—more than cold calls, trade shows and networking
  • Mobile offers and coupons are redeemed 10x as frequently as traditional print ones

Watch the video for more insights like these and to learn why marketing is important to your business!

Articles in Better Business, Marketing, Trends | February 16, 2017