Huttig's IBS "Feet-On-The-Street"

Nestled neatly into a brown and grey sediment hillside of Henderson, Nevada is the 2016 New American Home—the official showcase house of the annual International Builders’ Show (IBS), located in the exclusive MacDonald Highland gated community. From inside to out, it is a truly amazing home that will inspire you and your customers. 

We had our team at the show, ready to spot the trends your architects, remodelers and homeowners will be swooning over this year. The New American Home, encapsulates them all. From outdoor living to high performance, you won’t want to be late to the trends this home exemplifies. 

Not everybody gets to go to IBS, and we get that. That’s why our Trend Team made it easy for you. See what we saw at the 2016 New American Home (TNAH 2016)...


As you walk through the home, the inspiration is evident: Natural brown hues seem to jump off the surrounding desert landscape to cover the walls of the home. The same bright oranges and turquoise tones found in the Las Vegas sunset were also incorporated to guide design decisions in the home. The sunset can be seen from any room in the house. It was this desert-pallet used throughout to bring a sense of natural tranquility. 

Josh Anderson, Element Design Build owner, noted during a virtual walk-through that the home is terraced into the hillside, which was a challenge for layout with a five-car garage and height restrictions. Recessing the home allowed for two levels and a walkout basement next to the garage. The design is very in tune with its surrounding, while natural flow is achieved with consistent design throughout.

Fun fact: Designers took rock from the jobsite and provided it to Environmental Stoneworks to match the color and style of the natural environment. This stone was a prominent feature in the home and matches the ridge and rock in which it’s set.


The inspiration for TNAH 2016 was derived from its surroundings and so was much of the design; However, Anderson, along with Elma Gardner Interior Design at Element Design Build, agreed that the main challenge with the design was that there was no specific client. The goal was to design for a wide array of profiles, including anyone from empty nesters to single families to entertainers, and beyond.

The use of glass was huge in this home, said Gardner. The goal was to take advantage of the views, but also to maintain a balance of performance. To accomplish this, the design team used shaded full height glass so no direct sunlight penetrates the glazing and there is minimal exposure to direct sunlight. The glass in the windows and doors features an advanced LoE coating that blocks the transfer of heat and cold. Aesthetically pleasing, these walls of glass create visual impact while maintaining energy efficiency. This kind of controlled, natural lighting glittered upon the artisan wallpapers and hand-selected artwork, which accented the design nicely.

Fun fact: Original artwork by Tim Cantor was hand-selected for every room in the house. Artwork incorporates gold and blues to naturally accent more prominent beige hues found throughout.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living was a major trend in 2015; and, it’s not going anywhere. Don’t believe us? The 2016 New American Home capitalized on the outdoor living trend with smooth, inside to outside transitions, a fully functional outdoor kitchen and an outdoor entertainment center. It took the collaboration of the landscape architect, builder, interior designer and architect to maximize the potential of this trend. 

The team ensured seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors by agreeing to make this a unified effort, cultivated from the origin of the project; entire walls of the home open out to the site, allowing for the pool and courtyard to take main stage and connect closely to the interior space. From fun pool parties to respectful rooftop hors d’oeuvres and even the occasional moonlight dinner, anything you can do inside can also be done out in TNAH 2016.

Here are some highlights from the fully functional outdoor kitchen:

  • Outdoor dining double seating
  • Outdoor dining power burner
  • Built-in grill
  • Under counter icemaker
  • Portable beverage center
  • Aurora portable grill
  • Single and dual drawers

Fun fact: To optimize the view, while providing a space-saving solution, specialty patio doors were chosen for the home. Panels that slide out of sight into a pocket wall create large openings that optimize views.

High Performance

High performance takes on a whole new meaning with The 2016 New American Home—literally. You want to talk efficiency? This Nevada dwelling takes the cake by exceeding the requirements for certification to the Emerald level of the National Green Building Standard™. And, that’s just the icing. TNAH 2016 has also achieved:

  • HERS index of -17
  • Consumption at 122% less energy than if it were built to code (2009 IECC)
  • Targeted to be certified Platinum under
  • United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED for Homes program
  • The EPA Energy Star Program
  • Indoor airPLUS program
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Home
  • More than $5,100 in annual energy savings to the homeowner

It may be obvious, but you can’t achieve this kind of performance without the right ingredients. A recipe to be sought after, TNAH 2016 took close care when considering the thermal shell, HVAC system, hot water and electrical.

Important features like the air tightness of the thermal shell with an average R-58 attic blown-in sealant system and the 100% LED interior/exterior electrical units vamp performance of the home. In addition to the natural, gas-fueled, tankless hot water heaters (EF = 0.95) and the mechanical ventilation system, which provided efficient heat recovery ventilators (HRV).

Fun fact: Even the landscape was considered part of the high performance. Simply by choosing native, desert plants to accent the exterior, the home didn’t require an irrigation system.


Technology will continue to be at the forefront of homebuilding as society continues to learn the advantages of integrating it into day-to-day routines. Adapting specific technology into the TNAH 2016 makes dwelling in it easier, safer and just plain cooler. Take for example, the home automation system. It offers a simple, intuitive interface and puts more control in the hands of the homeowner. Imagine: sitting in the master suite with the ability to control your lighting, climate, shades, entertainment, and security from one, single interface. Yes, please.

Another way technology makes life just plain cooler in TNAH 2016 is the digital interface in the bathroom that allows homeowners to customize their shower experience—from spray patterns to water temperature, all at the tap of a finger.

And that’s not all, the bathroom technology makes spending time in the lavatory more enjoyable. In addition to the customizable shower experience, TNAH 2016 allows homeowners to personalize their toilets with ambient colored lighting, wireless Bluetooth®music sync capability to the heated seat and foot warmer. That deserves an “ooh and aah.”

Fun fact: TNAH 2016 designers did everything in their power to prevent “wall acne,” which is a term coined to describe the many devices that often are tacked to the wall for technology integration. With the single interface design, they were able to keep it clean.

If you weren’t able to attend the New American Home 2016 Tour at IBS this year, we certainly hope that our Huttig's IBS "Feet-On-The-Street" made it easy for you to capture the trends important to your customers in 2017.

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