Supplying Products that Outperform the Competition 

For years Fortifiber® has provided innovative solutions for those in the building industry. With products such as FortiFlash® Butyl Flashing and WeatherSmart® Drainable Housewrap, Fortifiber delivers products that perform even in the most demanding environments to make it easier for you to sell.

FortiFlash Butyl Flashing provides a strong, self-sealing barrier to protect windows, doors and through-wall penetrations, as well as nonroofing conditions. The product’s chemical compatibility aligns with most standard sealants, as well as EPDM and flexible vinyl, which makes it the ideal choice while on a jobsite.

In addition to its durability, FortiFlash Butyl also provides solid adhesion at temperatures much lower and higher than most other adhesive products. It is also reinforced with a heavy duty engineered film facer, which helps it to be molded to tight corners without tearing.

WeatherSmart Drainable Housewrap provides builders with an advanced drainage solution that channels liquid away from the wall assembly. With a 95% efficiency, this product outperforms the required code.

With Fortifiber, you can be assured that you’re receiving the highest quality and technology in building products that will enhance the efficiency at your jobsite.

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FortiFlash Butyl Flashing should always be tested first to confirm compatibility is guaranteed with Moistop® Sealant and Liquid Flashing.

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Articles in Products | December 11, 2017