A pergola adds an accent of beauty and class to any home. HB&G® Fiberglass Pergolas from Huttig® offer a standout aesthetic while shrugging off the usual issues that come with conventional wood pergolas and giving homeowners a smart, low-maintenance experience. Plus, your customers will spend less time assembling them on site.

Fiberglass, unlike wood, resists rot and warping, remaining stable in any weather. This leap in technology makes fiberglass the new standard for outdoor decor like pergolas. Fiberglass transforms the backyard pergola from a bothersome chore into a favorite feature.

Best of all, fiberglass pergolas are quick and easy to install compared to their wood ancestors. They’re lightweight. They come with a complete hardware package. There’s no cutting required. All this adds up to a 5-hour installation time, rather than the 2 days it takes to build the average wood pergola. That’s crucial time on today’s labor-short job site. Show your customers the smart choice of transitioning to fiberglass pergolas from HB&G®!

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Articles in Outdoor Living | November 01, 2018