Thinking green is no longer a niche concept within the building industry. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders, green building is more than 60% of most builders’ portfolios and is projected to continually increase.

With new advances in sustainability changing the future of construction, now is the perfect opportunity for building leaders to align their management efforts to incorporate green initiatives within their companies.

Most consumers are willing to pay more for green-efficient homes that seek to improve the standard of living while also creating a healthier environment. This creates numerous profitable benefits for building managers, while also opening new doors for innovation within the industry.

Recent efforts in green building have created an exciting time for many reasons, including unique energy-saving construction that reduces the impact of chemicals from more traditional building materials.

With green technology efforts such as net-zero homes, builders are using renewable technologies more and more. Net zero construction is maturing and creating an exceptionally beneficial trajectory for builders who incorporate elements of these technologies within their projects, as consumer demand is increasing for these practices.

From government incentives to consumer demand, the outlook for building green will help you to not only become a leader in the industry, but also generate more opportunities for your company.

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Articles in Sustainability, Technology | June 01, 2018