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Only the best get better 

At Huttig, we are continually looking, for better ways to deliver for our customers. In 2008 we started a LEAN program that helps us evolve, cut the fat and improve our delivery times, service and quality for all our customers.

LEAN is a manufacturing practice that helps us look at all the details — expenditures, stock, process — and assess where we can make things more efficient and productive. If done correctly, it helps us help you more effectively.

Every one of our locations are involved. We look at each distribution center and evaluate them for the good things and the not-so good, and we get the right minds in a meeting to create a solution. It's this kind of thinking that has helped us be as successful as we are today, and we want you to be a part of it.

For updates or comments on how we can serve you better, contact your local rep. Every idea counts, especially yours.